Sunday, October 14, 2012

Is Dreamz infra a real firm?

Please beware of Dreamz Infra builder in Bangalore.
They also pose themselves as Dreamz Gk. Lot of people have either lost money or their money is blocked. They have no top level management. No credible people.
Neither their CEO, nor Sachin Naik are known in any circles. Further like any other companies none of the public and private bank has ever provided any loan to this company, for operating or any other purposes. So effectively they have never verified themselves. Don't risk your capital with them.  Its complete cheat. They can run anytime, they have no real assets, they have bank guarantees.

quarefoot properties are real home makers

SQUAREFOOT PROPERTIES - Thieves, Cheats, Frauds
DREAMZ INFRA is another name of squarefoot properties.

Goondas - Squarefoot Properties / Dreamz infra.
Thieves, Cheats, Frauds, Killer - Squarefoot Properties / Dreamz infra.
The Squarefoot Properties / Dreamz infra is a BROKER.
They will book one flat to MULTIPLE persons.
One dump who pays highest at end will get the flat.

Sometimes they sell single flat to MULTIPLE people too with FAKE papers.
They will RUN like a DOG for getting your booking money.
Once your cheque is cleared, they will AVOID you and search for another booking the same flat.

They will CHEAT you.

I booked a flat in Dreamz Infra.
They have taken 12 lacs rupees as booking amount.

Can you think how many days savings will make TWELVE LAKHS rupees?
I took 10 years to make this money. But these FRAUDS took it at a single instant.
I have paid them in July, but no refund so far.
I have lost my MENTAL stability and so I have lost my JOB too.

I am writing this to make aware all the People NOT to get trap with such squarefoot properties.
I am SURE that someone will surely comment good thing on my review,
bcz they have HIRED excellent guys only for putting good reviews on internet.
Because of many bad reviews over, they have DELETED that thread.

Dreamz Infra are 100% fraud

Dear All,

Beware of Dreamz GK Infra company since they are big Frauds and cheating innocent people like Software Engineers, etc. It is is into Real Estate and selling Flats at very low price in Bangalore. They have earlier cheated many people to the tune of crores of rupees. They take advance 25% to 100% depending on the Bakra they find. Once you pay they will never get back to you.

When you step into their office they will try to impress you by offering free snacks, dry fruits, soft drinks etc... They also take you to a site in posh Taxi. They will run behind you till you pay the advance and after that they vanish.

Don't get fooled by these people. Earlier they had company named Squarefoot properties which they closed down after cheating many people. Very soon they will close Dreamz Infra as well and run away.

Be Alert and never ever fall in their trap even if they offer you at dirt cheap price. If they keep on following you report to the Police.

Many complaints with the Police have already been registered against this company and they are going to run away very soon.

They are posting good reviews/comments all over the Internet and have hired men for it. They have even opened a website names for fooling/misleading people by good reviews.

Dont waste your time and hard earned money. Go for a well known builder who has completed successful projects earlier and never goto Dreamz Infra.

Dreamz Infra is Fraud

MR sachin naik MD of dreamz infra. He has even changed his name. he had company called squarefoot properties. then he closed it its now called dreamz gk infra india pvt ltd. he is also starting company called master mind properties. His girl frnd Disha a kannada actress is 65 % stake holder in the company.he keeps hiring employees make them work for 2 months and fire them without salary. he sells appartment to customers where he wouldnt have even bought the land. nothing is his own. he makes fraud money from customer with 18 months of construction period . he doesnt own any land. he has criminal record against his real name in australia as well.